Funk That Jit...                 We R Unstoppable!

A play written by Ronald Ford Jr. (dance, drama, fantasy, history)

Log Line:
When a liturgical dancer gets trapped in a burned building, an eccentric stranger helps her while acknowledging the 40 Detroit Jitters who died there.


Pre-meditated Shuffles of Black America


A music & dance performance that combines a multitude of both African and African American dance genres with original, futuristic electronic/dance music and lyrics by song writer, dancer, and artistic director: QWNTYM. These songs from the future tell the familiar sequence of atrocities aimed towards people of color, spanning from the 1800’s Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the boiling point of police brutality in 2020. All dance choreography will be created by 10 professionals who specialize in a specific dance from a distinct decade and will focus on their genre’s dance shuffles. As QWNTYM performs songs of injustices, each grievance is met with dance shuffles from that particular decade, providing positive visual & audio stimulation.